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Patti LaBelle called Cardi B’s sister Chardonnay [VIDEO]

Patti LaBelle called Cardi B’s sister Chardonnay

Patti LaBelle is a cultural icon, who has managed to stand the test of time. The past five years have seen her popular in the culinary world. With her sweet potato pies, Patti LaBelle has become a fixture in Walmart locations throughout America. Most people find her pies delicious, which adds to her legacy. It is the holiday season, so Patti is making her rounds. When she visited Tamron Hall’s show, she ended up speaking on Cardi B. During the discussion, she referred to her sister, Hennessy, as Chardonnay.

Patti LaBelle originally rose to fame as an R&B singer. As a result, she is referred to as the “Godmother of Soul.” A native of Philadelphia, Patti began her career in the 1960s. She was the lead singer for the group eventually known as LaBelle. In later years, Patti became known for her cameo appearances on television shows of the modern era. Many are unaware that her single, “Love Need and Want You,” was sampled by Nelly and Kelly Rowland for “Dilemma.” For that reason, she appears in the music video.

Patti LaBelle remains one of the biggest names in entertainment. When she makes guest appearances on talk shows, she always has memorable appearances. Her appearance on Tamron Hall’s show was all about her culinary skills. As a result, she was in the kitchen, where she baked her homemade macaroni and cheese. In addition, she had a conversation about Cardi B. Over the past six years, Cardi has owned the game. Patti is a fan of her and her sister, who she accidentally referred to as Chardonnay.

Patti LaBelle called Cardi B’s sister Chardonnay

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