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Patti LaBelle removed from stage during her performance in Milwaukee, after reported bomb threat in area [VIDEO]

Patti LaBelle removed from stage after reported bomb threat 

Patti LaBelle is known as one of the most iconic artists in R&B of all-time, and in the music industry in general. She’s released seventeen studio albums in her career, as she made her debut, back in 1977. LaBelle’s last studio album was released in 2017, which was Bel Hommage. Her concerts continue to draw large crowds, as she performed in Milwaukee, on Saturday night.

However, there was a major scare in the venue. As a result, Patti LaBelle was removed by security from the stage. This was due to a reported bomb threat in the area. As a result, fans in attendance also proceeded to leave. LaBelle seemed very puzzled at what was happened, but security quickly acted to make sure that she would be safe.

The Milwaukee Police Department soon released a statement, regarding the bomb threat. They revealed that this was in the 100 block of W Wisconsin St. All patrons in the venue ended up being safely evacuated, as police cleared everyone out. As of now, the investigation continues to be “fluid and ongoing.” Ultimately, this was a lot for Patti LaBelle and her fans.


Patti LaBelle removed from stage after reported bomb threat 


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