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Petey Pablo speaks on J. Cole, Timbaland, New Album, and Suge Knight

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Petey Pablo speaks on J. Cole, Timbaland, New Album, and Suge Knight

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ten years ago, North Carolina was excited, as they were finally being placed on the hip hop map. The first rapper to represent North Carolina was Petey Pablo. Following two albums, which spawned two memorable anthems, “Raise Up” and “Freek-a-leek,” Petey Pablo disappeared.

Ten years later, North Carolina is again excited, as a new rapper is coming through. J. Cole turned heads when Jay-Z signed him. In less than a week, he will release his debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story. With J. Cole ready to take the world by storm, Petey Pablo is far from done.

Petey Pablo has launched his own record label and is determined to return to the forefront of the rap game. The launch of Carolina Music Group comes after his stint with Jive and Death Row Records. With J. Cole currently in the headlines and all over the television screens, Petey Pablo is proud. Last year, when J. Cole performed at A&T’s Homecoming in Greensboro, North Carolina, Petey Pablo was his surprise guest, coming out in a helicopter. Petey Pablo said he was surprised the college kids remembered his “Raise Up” single from many years ago.

Aside from his performance with J. Cole, Petey Pablo said the two rappers have also discussed collaborating. Petey Pablo confirmed the two rappers are working on some classic material. Continuing to speak on J. Cole, Petey Pablo said he has paid homage to him several times, as the original rapper to put North Carolina on the map. Petey Pablo also paid his respects to J. Cole, saying he follows his movement and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation movement. Currently, Petey Pablo is working with Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'” producer, Timbaland, on his upcoming album, A&R: Anticipated Recordings?.

Early in his career, Petey Pablo worked with Timbaland. After all these years, Petey Pablo said the two stayed in contact and now Chris Brown is working with him. Petey Pablo said he wanted to do his own thing, while Timbaland continued to build his career and a family. During this time, Petey Pablo linked up with Death Row Records. Timbaland grew very concerned when Petey Pablo began working with Suge Knight and his company. Petey Pablo told him the late Pimp C advised him to leave Jive Records, but despite the lack of promotion, he still had a gold album and a hit single.

Contrary to what many believed, Petey Pablo said he was never signed to Death Row. However, he admitted to being friends with Suge Knight and hanging out with him. Aside from friendship, there was nothing going on between Death Row Records and Petey Pablo. When asked what happened between he and Suge Knight, Petey Pablo said they simply grew apart, much like between he and Timbaland a few years prior.

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