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Peyton and Eli Manning don “2 chainz” in DirecTV commercial [VIDEO]

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Peyton and Eli Manning don “2 chainz” in DirecTV commercial [VIDEO]

ManningBy Preemo
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The only thing that is admired more in the United States than NBA action is the NFL and this is where the Manning brothers reign supreme. Both Peyton and Eli Manning are two of the top players in the NFL. Sports figures have become a fixture in the culture across the pond and entertaining for the rest of the world to watch.

In hip hop, 2 Chainz has taken the game over and shows no signs of slowing down. With countless hits out and more coming, 2 Chainz has emerged in the forefront to the pop culture in the world. In a new commercial for DirecTV, the NFL Manning brothers parodied 2 Chainz.

Dressed as police officers, there is a snippet of the commercial already released to the public. The entire commercial is not available, as of yet, but there is a photo of one of the brothers rocking two chains the same way 2 Chainz does. Below, there are a couple of pieces from this shoot.

Watch the commercial teaser below:
See the Manning brothers’ photo below:
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