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Pinky talks Coco/AP.9 with Vlad TV [VIDEO]

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Pinky talks Coco/AP.9 with Vlad TV [VIDEO]

PinkyIf there is anyone who understands what Coco is currently going through, it is Pinky. Both women have been sex symbols for some time, but for different reasons. Coco has been in a committed relationship and marriage with Ice-T for over a decade. Meanwhile, Pinky has made her rounds in the adult film circuit.

The situation Coco is currently in is her alleged affair with AP.9 of the Mob Figgaz. Since December, there have been rumors of Coco cheating on Ice-T. Several photos showed Coco kissing AP.9 and she has since begged him to stop talking about what happened between them. Instead, AP.9 has continued sounding off and recently showed proof of their encounter.

During her return visit to Vlad TV, Pinky offered her opinion on Coco’s sticky situation. Since the story is all over the news, Pinky tried adding humor to the situation. Pinky suggested maybe Coco was only trying something new when she hooked up with AP.9. Regardless, this is the story that will not go away for Coco.

Watch the entire video below:

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