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Pittsburgh rapper, Jimmy Wopo, crowned hip hop’s next king on Twitter after #ElmStreet and his other videos go viral

Jimmy WopoBy YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Every year, there is always an artist who comes out of nowhere and takes over the game. This year, Jimmy Wopo appears to be that guy, at least that’s what everybody is saying. He has several videos on YouTube that have gone viral.

However, Jimmy Wopo appears to have one real hit on his hands with the “Elm Street” single. The track has fan buzzing, as they cannot wait to hear more from him. Definitely, the summer is looking like breakout season for Mr. Wopo.

Jimmy Wopo has been working hard for years and now this work is beginning to pay off. Representing the Pittsburgh hip hop scene, Jimmy Wopo has his “Elm Street” music video that has people talking. Several people have gone on Twitter and flooded timelines with Jimmy Wopo video clips, all viral, and they are all saying he’s got next.

Watch “Elm Street” by Jimmy Wopo below:

Read the tweets about Jimmy Wopo below:

Jimmywopoviral1 Jimmywopoviral2 Jimmywopoviral3 Jimmywopoviral4 Jimmywopoviral5

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