Popeye’s employee ends up beating up a customer, as other customers watch [VIDEO]

Popeye’s employee ends up beating up a customer

Many people overlook the stress that most fast food workers are under. Anyone going to most fast food restaurants easily get frustrated, themselves. Typically, a person will place an order, and they get it back wrong. This normally comes after repeating the order several times. However, few people even show up to work in these places. As a result, those who do are cooking, cleaning, and running the cash register. So it doesn’t take much for the workers to go off. In Popeye’s, one customer learned the hard way.

The fast food industry is one of the most profitable in America. Estimated annual revenue generated by fast food restaurants in the US, alone, is $278 billion. Meanwhile, there are nearly 200,000 fast food restaurants in the United States. These combined locations employ around 4.9 million people. Most fast food employees make around $23,000 a year on average. Not only do these people work in a billion dollar industry, but also, most tend to work in rundown buildings.

Recently, an employee at a Popeye’s location ended up getting into it with a customer. What exactly started this drama is unknown. However, there were several witnesses inside the restaurant who know what finished the drama. The video begins with the worker already throwing haymakers on the customer, throwing her into a chair, causing her to fall. Most people recorded, while employees came to break it up, along with a customer. Finally, the worker dragged and kicked the customer.


Popeye’s employee ends up beating up a customer

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