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Prodigy said he almost fought Jay-Z after Summer Jam 2001

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Prodigy said he almost fought Jay-Z after Summer Jam 2001

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It is no secret that Jay-Z and Mobb Deep have issues with each other. The primary feud is not between Jay-Z and the group, but rather Jay-Z and Prodigy. For years, the two exchanged subliminal disses on songs.

But, by 2001, Jay-Z had officially crowned himself as the king of hip hop. With this, he had to defend his throne, which meant dissing Prodigy. In his diss to Prodigy, he also name-dropped Nas, another rival.

The major feud ended up being between Jay-Z and Nas, but Prodigy still had issues with Hov. Jay-Z first performed his “Takeover” diss at Summer Jam 2001. P was not pleased after hearing the song.

Weeks after the performance, both happened to be enjoying meals at Diddy’s Justin’s restaurant when Prodigy approached Jay-Z. In 2008, Prodigy talked a little about this confrontation. But, he recently delved deep into the situation. While Prodigy was not pleased with the song, his reasons for wanting to fight Jay-Z had nothing to do with the Summer Jam diss.

Prodigy said he had an entourage of around fifteen men and Jay-Z had two bodyguards. The men surrounded the door and were waiting for Jay-Z to exit the building. When he exited, he reached for P’s hand and said he had no real beef with him. Instead, Jay-Z said their issues were simply music and he asked him to keep it music. Prodigy shook his hand and the two agreed to keep it music.

Looking back on it, Prodigy realizes he could have really taken advantage of Jay-Z if he wanted to.

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