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Pusha T gets $2,500 facial and cuts longtime dreads off [PHOTO]

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Pusha T gets $2,500 facial and cuts longtime dreads off [PHOTO]

Pusha TBy Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The braids era came and went in hip hop, with Jay Z leading a trend away from this and towards buttonups. However, some rappers held on for the long haul. These include Pusha T and Lil Wayne, his onetime rival during the spring of 2012.

Pusha T has done his thing for a long time and he finally dropped his debut album a couple of years ago. Working on his sophomore album, he has teamed up with Pharrell, just like the old days. There will be one major change, however.

Yesterday, the change came when Pusha T revealed he was changing his look. For so long, Pusha T’s hair has been a part of his style, but now it is no longer. He took to his Instagram to reveal he was shaving his facial hair and cutting his longtime dreads off.

See Pusha T’s Instagram photo below:


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