Ralph McDaniels tells CLASSIC stories on Jay-Z, Flex, Summer Jam, and Video Music Box on Hot 97 [VIDEO]

Before MTV was widespread, Video Music Box was that outlet for music, hip hop, that is. But, Video Music Box was mostly a NYC thing, but it did help break a lot of major artists. The visionary behind this whole thing was Ralph McDaniels.

But, many of the hip hop legends started on Video Music Box, where they did their interviews, and music videos aired. Even though the program isn’t as popular as it once was, the impact remains. Years later, Ralph McDaniels is regarded as a hip hop legend.

Ralph McDaniels came to Hot 97, speaking with Ebro and Laura Stylez. Discussing Russell Simmons, he explained how the early commercial hip hop came together. He spoke on TLC, Jay-Z, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Run-DMC, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Summer Jam, Flex, and many other hip hop situations.

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