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Ray J mocks Kanye West’s LAX paparazzi encounter [VIDEO]

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Ray J mocks Kanye West’s LAX paparazzi encounter [VIDEO]

Probably one of the most-entertaining guys in the game is Ray J. It’s rarely acknowledged now, but Ray J is responsible for Kim Kardashian being the celebrity he is now. With her finding love with Kanye West, Ray J was quick to remind the world what she was to him.

“I Hit it First” shot to the top of the charts, for several reasons, and it led to speculation that Ray J has beef with Kanye West. Because of Kanye West’s past work with Brandy and their alleged personal ties, Ray J might want to stay off that topic. But, in the midst of that frenzy, Hip Hop Vibe talked to Bobby Brackins.

Kanye West recently got into a situation with the paparazzi in Los Angeles and told the guy “don’t speak… EVER.” Even though most understood where Kanye West was coming from, his reaction was priceless. Ray J thought so, too, so he decided he would re-enact it for his own amusement.

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