Remy Ma and Eazy The Block Captain were wearing matching outfits, after Papoose breakup rumors [PHOTO]

Remy Ma and Eazy The Block Captain wear matching outfits

Remy Ma has her name all over the gossip blogs, right now. Currently, the rumor floating around is that she and Papoose have broken up. According to the rumors, it’s due to Eazy The Block Captain. However, the last thing that was officially said was Remy denying the Eazy rumors. She wrote the Geechi Gotti diss off as “battle rap stuff.” However, Remy is now trending on social media, with Eazy, with both wearing green outfits.

Remy Ma, over the past nineteen years, has established herself as a force in the game. However, as a solo artist, she has not had much success. But, as a featured artist, Remy has always stolen the show. In her career, she has been featured on some huge records. Her claims to fame are “Lean Back” and “All The Way Up,” both are records with Fat Joe. In addition, she is known for her work on reality TV and that as a TV host.

Remy Ma found herself embroiled in rumors over the weekend. Actually, it’s a rumor from earlier this summer that resurfaced. At the BET Awards, Remy denied the rumors about Eazy The Block Captain, who is one of a few rappers in her battle rap league. However, Geechi Gotti reignited the rumors. Now, it’s being said that Papoose and Remy broke up. In addition, Remy has now shown up in a photo with Eazy, both matching with the green outfits.

Remy Ma and Eazy The Block Captain wear matching outfits

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