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Rick Fox asks Shannon Sharpe how he can become the 36th man Brittany Renner sleeps with

Rick Fox says he wants to sleep with Brittany Renner

Rick Fox’s claim to fame is being a sharpshooter for the LA Lakers, during the Shaq-Kobe era. After their loss in the 2004 NBA Finals, Fox quietly retired. A few years later, he resurfaced on the TV series, “The Game.” He played a fictional version of himself and the love interest on Wendy Raquel Robinson’s character. In addition, he was one of many people to see Shannon Sharpe’s video clip with Brittany Renner. When Renner said she slept with thirty five men, Rick Fox wanted to be number thirty six.

Rick Fox went down in history as one of the greatest NBA role players of all-time. Fox was an integral part of the Lakers’ title runs in 2000, 2001, and 2002. To date, this is the most recent time that an NBA team has won three straight NBA championships. This was the third time in the modern era of the league that a team did this. Once that historic run was over, Fox simply decided it was time to end his career.

Rick Fox has continued his career as a media personality. As previously mentioned, Fox did some acting on major TV shows. In addition, Rick Fox made appearances in some of Tyler Perry movies. Now, Fox is becoming active in the sports commentary world. Here is where Shannon Sharpe is making a name for himself. As a result, Sharpe has the huge interview with Brittany Renner. On social media, Fox asked Shannon Sharpe how he could become the thirty sixth man Renner slept with.

Rick Fox says he wants to sleep with Brittany Renner

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