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Rick Ross dances in front of and shows off his new private jet [VIDEO]

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Rick Ross dances in front of and shows off his new private jet [VIDEO]

Rick Ross shows off new private jet

Last week, Rick Ross was a big trending topic on social media. That was as a result of him holding his second annual car and bike show, at his massive Fayetteville, GA estate. Plenty of viral moments circulated, including Meek Mill and Gucci Mane performing, and Ross meeting Tyler, The Creator. Furthermore, Ross added that someone even parachuted into the event. The car and bike show also finally happened after Ross received a permit, amid potential lawsuits from neighbors.

Meanwhile, Ross is now showing off even more of his wealth. The Boss took to Instagram on Friday to reveal a new private jet that he recently purchased. This jet features a navy and red design, with his “Rick Ross” logo on it. In this clip, Ross is also seen dancing in front of it, while holding onto a bottle of his signature Bel-Aire champagne.

Ross has definitely had a lot of fun, ever since moving to his Georgia home. He’s frequently trended over the past year, due to showing various additions to the property. That includes animals that he’s purchased, lions, bison, cows, bulls, a tiger, and more.

Check out a closer look at Rick Ross’ new private jet, below.

Rick Ross shows off new private jet

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