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Riff Raff makes “One Life to Live” debut

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Riff Raff makes “One Life to Live” debut

Riff RaffBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Perhaps more shocking than the news of “One Life to Live” returning with new episodes after being cancelled over a year was the new cast. In the soap world, fans are simply happy to have their favorite show back. But, in the hip hop world, fans are simply confused by Riff Raff.

Rising to fame last summer, Riff Raff began working with Soulja Boy and became a part of the SODMG clique. Ultimately, this was short-lived and Riff Raff soon had a falling out with his label head before moving on with his career. While highly unorthodox, Riff Raff is acting and on a show well-known by the world.

Riff Raff plays the role of Jamie Franko, a man interacting with the character of Cutter, a club promoter. Coming back, “One Life to Live” promised to be edgier and attract a different demographic. In his scene, Riff Raff is shown to be some form of dangerous and a womanizer, flirting with several female stars on the show.

Watch the entire video below:

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