Robbery suspect somersaults out of car, when he surrenders for arrest, after a high speed chase [VIDEO]

Robbery suspect somersaults out of car to face arrest

Regardless of where some people are placed, they will always put on a show. Due to things that have happened in the past, Los Angeles is known for high speed chases. Whether it’s a celebrity, or a regular person, when people think of LA news, they think of police chases. However, none of the others have played out like this. First of all, the suspect actually surrendered. Not only did he not fight the arrest, but he also somersaulted out of the car when his time came.

The city and county of Los Angeles is a truly interesting place. Los Angeles, the city, is a part of the county and it’s the second-largest city in America. For various zoning reasons, many iconic places in the LA county area are not a part of the city. However, many people assume places like Beverly Hills and Santa Monica are a part of the city of Los Angeles. If they were, LA likely would overtake New York City as America’s largest city.

With any high population city, there is an increase in everything. Small towns normally don’t have much to offer and that their appeal. But, a major city has a little bit of everything, including crime. As a result, a high speed chase is more likely to take place in Los Angeles, as opposed to Solvang. A recent LA high speed chase had an unlikely ending. The man was leading police on a chase, after being accused of a robbery. When he finally surrendered, the man ended up somersaulting out of his car.

Source: ABC7

Robbery suspect somersaults out of car to face arrest

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