Rod Wave tells Boosie he doesn’t have to sue him, but if he comes to see him, he’ll pay him for sampling his music [VIDEO]

Rod Wave tells Boosie to come see him and he’ll pay for samples

Rod Wave is one of the biggest names in music, over the past five years. Currently, he is riding the success of his “Fight The Feeling” single. Over the weekend, Boosie was back in the headlines. He said he was going to sue Rod Wave and some other rappers. Boosie was suing them for sampling his music without giving him credit, or paying him. As a result, Rod Wave is speaking out. He told Boosie that he’ll pull up on him, just give him a number.

Rod Wave initially rose to fame with his “Heart on Ice” single. Since then, he’s not looked back with his music. Creatively, Rod Wave pushed the envelope, and it worked out for him. In the aftermath, he is now known as the “pain” artist. When news broke of Boosie suing him, fans joked that Rod Wave is going to do a song where he cries over the lawsuit. Instead, he decided to do a video where he appealed to Boosie, directly.

Rod Wave shared a video where he called Boosie out. During the weekend, Boosie said he was going to be suing Rod Wave, and others for sampling his music. According to Boosie, they have sampled his records without giving him proper credits, or paying him. As a result, he’s filing a lawsuit. In response to this, Rod Wave told Boosie he’s willing to pull up on him. He said there’s no need for a lawsuit, as he said he just needs Boosie to give him a number and he’ll pay it.


Rod Wave tells Boosie to come see him and he’ll pay for samples

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