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RUMOR CONTROL: Raz B coma story was a hoax

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RUMOR CONTROL: Raz B coma story was a hoax

Over the weekend, news broke about Raz B, who is in China. While performing at a club in China, Raz B ended up getting into an altercation and hit by a bottle. His bloody picture has circulated the internet. Then, stories began running rampant about him getting hit in the head and slipping into a coma.

Ever since this story broke, there have been a few updates about Raz B’s status and several statuses on social networks about it. There was even a report that Raz B is responsive and doing much better. That last statement is partially true, according to the latest CNN report.

His manager, Elayne Rivers, confirmed Raz B getting hit while he was in the club. On the flipside, she denied there were any lasting injuries. Of course, Raz B ended up going to the hospital, but is injuries were never serious enough to warrant him slipping into a coma.

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