San Antonio woman files $1 million lawsuit against Popeye’s chicken after accusing them of serving her flesh-eating worms

Not even the food is always guaranteed to be safe. There is a lot often said about fast food and how it is prepared. Many health nuts and people aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle write off consuming fast food, due to how they prepare their food.

Popeye’s has become one of the most-popular chicken restaurants in the world. A market long dominated by KFC has stiff competition, especially where Chick-Fil-A is concerned. Ultimately, Popeye’s is in some hot water, right now.

A San Antonio woman is suing the restaurant for what they served her being life-threatening. This is an unusual one, she is claiming they served her flesh-eating screwworms, at a local location, which is disturbing on so many levels. She is suing the fast food chain for $1 million, but the money is the least of their issues.

Source: Hollywood Unlocked