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Sean2 Miles Releases Afrobeat tour with, CuhDeeJah and Paschan A Return from Africa

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Sean2 Miles Releases Afrobeat tour with, CuhDeeJah and Paschan A Return from Africa

Mississippi-raised super music producer, Sean2 Miles is leading a movement to connect the dots in Los Angeles between African heritage and Southern roots, inspired by his label-mates and collaborators CuhDeeJah and Paschan. Shedding light and collaborative sounds, the 2 Miles Ahead label mates will take the stage on Saturday, April 22nd at the prestigious Wiltern Theatre. The marquee show is set with Hip Hop, R&B, and Afrobeat mixed with a few well-known surprises. “We’ve been preparing for this show for a while and it will, be the kickoff for our upcoming tour, stay tuned for those details.”

Currently filming a series of music videos in Sierra Leone in West Africa, Sean2 Miles, and CuhDeeJah pay homage to their ancestors by directly giving back to the community in support of Africa’s future on their frequent trips to the motherland. As Sean2 explained in a recent interview, “I encourage artists with African heritage to reach back to where a lot of the music and rhythm for us started. Africa is important for understanding that. CuhDeeJah is a rapper and an Afrobeat artist and it’s been important for her to be connected to her roots with the music, and I’m realizing this is important for all of us. This wave of popularity with Afrobeats is a wave that’s not gonna let up anytime soon. It’s a revolution of people who are taking back frequencies”, says Sean2 Miles. Miles is not only skilled behind the panels and the microphone, he also has made multiple appearances on Bravo’s reality show ‘Vanderpump Rules’ through his music and video production work with various cast members. Sean2’s sound is universal and has captured the ears (and hearts) of many across the globe.

Please take a look at his recent visuals and his labels’ announcement about his new tour which starts April 22nd, 2023 in Los Angeles at Wiltern Theatre. Please play to watch the new visual produced by Sean2 Miles by CuhDeeJah.

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