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SgThaYunggin releases “Tristate Menace” mixtape cover [PHOTO]

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SgThaYunggin releases “Tristate Menace” mixtape cover [PHOTO]

SG Tha YungginWithin the next few months, people will soon be talking about the West Virginia hip hop scene. Truthfully speaking, the area as a whole gets overlooked because of the perception of West Virginia. But, it’s time for the world to understand that hip hop is everywhere, yes, even there.

SgThaYunggin is one of the leaders of the West Virginia hip hop scene. Early this year, he released his viral anthem, “Ain’t Turning Back.” This single was big for various reasons for SgThaYunggin, one of the main reasons being GBE producer, Young Chop, producing the record.

All of this has been in promotion of his Tristate Menace mixtape, which will be hosted by DJ Louie Styles. With the fall season now in full swing, DJ Louie Styles is putting all kinds of work in. The latest is with SgThaYunggin and the artwork for his new mixtape has officially hit the internet.

Tristate Menace


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