Shakira dominates the internet, after wearing dreads in the “El Jefe” music video [VIDEO]

Shakira wears dreads in her El Jefe music video

Shakira is one of the most influential people in music and has a dedicated fan base. Her celebrity appeal is so powerful that the Tiffany Haddish moment got more viewership than the VMAs. With all of this attention, Shakira is cashing in. She released the music video for her single, “El Jefe,” with Fuerza Regida, which dropped this week. On social media, she has people talking, as she is wearing dreads.

Shakira has a diverse history with the kinds of music she makes. Some time ago, she had high profile collaborations with Wyclef Jean and Beyonce. When she did “Beautiful Liar” with Beyonce, back in the day, there was all kinds of commentary. Many fans pointed out how much Shakira and Beyonce resembled each other, in that visual.

Shakira now has people talking, once again. The “El Jefe” single does not have the hip hop influence of her previously mentioned records. However, the visuals for the single do have Shakira sporting a look that tailors more towards the hip hop audiences. As a result, the people are talking about it. In the “El Jefe” video, she is rocking dreadlocks, and that situation is fueling all kinds of commentary.

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Shakira wears dreads in her El Jefe music video

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