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Shannon Sharpe tells Stephen A. Smith that it took a lot for him to not put hands on Skip Bayless for disrespecting him [VIDEO]

Shannon Sharpe admits to wanting to fight Skip Bayless

Shannon Sharpe has become one of the most recognized media personalities in sports. For the past seven years, he and Skip Bayless have created a memorable show, in “Undisputed.” However, throughout 2023, fans noticed tension between Shannon and Skip. Most people said Skip was the instigator. When rumors began of Shannon leaving, fans blamed Skip. However, Shannon thanked Skip as he left. Now, he’s telling Stephen A. Smith that he wanted to put hands on Skip, at times.

Shannon Sharpe’s show with Skip Bayless was similar to “First Take.” On “Undisputed,” Shannon debated with Skip about the various sports topics. As the years went on, fans began to feel Skip was becoming increasingly disrespectful towards Shannon. It got so bad that Shannon did demand an apology from Skip. After that, Sharpe left the show. When he left, he hugged Skip, thanked him, and made it clear their arguments had nothing to do with him leaving.

Shannon Sharpe ended up moving over to “First Take,” with Stephen A. Smith, after leaving “Undisputed,” however. Now, he and Stephen A., Skip Bayless’ former co-host, seem to have a super close relationship. Recently, Shannon did Stephen A.’s podcast. During their interview, Stephen A. asked Shannon about those arguments with Skip. Only then did Shannon admit that he found it hard to not put his hands on Skip, as in fighting him.

Source: The Dunk Central

Shannon Sharpe admits to wanting to fight Skip Bayless

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