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Shaq hilariously dances to Trillville’s “Some Cut” [VIDEO]

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Shaq hilariously dances to Trillville’s “Some Cut” [VIDEO]

Shaquille O'Neal dances to Some Cut by TrillvilleShaquille O’Neal dances to Some Cut by Trillville

In more ways than one, Shaquille O’Neal is one of the best things to ever happen to the NBA. When he was drafted, Shaq took the expansion team Orlando Magic and turned them into a title contender. Later in his career, Shaq helped the Lakers form another dynasty, after Magic Johnson.

Shaquille O’Neal always brought his sense of humor with him. A lot of people felt this led to the friction with Kobe Bryant. When Kobe spoke to Shaq he admitted that he grew frustrated with Shaq’s lackadaisical approach. This mindset was the undoing of the Miami Heat, post-2006.

What likely hindered Shaquille O’Neal from winning more than four championships has made him a cultural icon. Recently, Shaq shared a video of himself where he was goofing off. Throughout his career, Shaq has made memories from his frequent dancing. With his latest video, Shaq took the dancing to a whole new level. Shaq turned up to Trillville’s “Some Cut,” where he has forever changed the way people will think about that record. Nobody was ready to see what Shaq put down with this one.

Shaquille O’Neal dances to Some Cut by Trillville

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