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Snoop Dogg celebrates 43rd birthday with special “cake” [PHOTO]

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Snoop Dogg celebrates 43rd birthday with special “cake” [PHOTO]

Snoop Dogg 15By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recently, Snoop Dogg enjoyed a bit more discussion about himself than usual. Known for clowning on Instagram, Snoop Dogg got into a serious beef with Iggy Azalea, which he ended on a friendly note. This new declaration of peace came right on time, because who wants to be angry so close to their birthday?

Snoop Dogg put out many hits over the years and he recently reunited with Pharrell. After he left the No Limit label, Snoop Dogg signed with Priority Records, before shifting over to the popular Star Trak label, run by Pharrell. He since moved back to Priority and now RCA, but now Pharrell signed Snoop Dogg to his new I Am OTHER label.

All business aside, Snoop Dogg is celebrating the day and doing what he does best. A lot has changed for Snoop Dogg over the past twenty-two years, but his love for the green has not. If he could choose the perfect birthday cake, Snoop Dogg would choose the one he shared today on Instagram all over again.

See Snoop Dogg’s Instagram photo below:


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