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Southwest Airlines flight attendant refuses to let a couple board the flight [VIDEO]

Flight attendant refuses to let couple board the plane

Late last year, into early this year, Southwest Airlines found themselves embroiled in controversy. After almost a year without incident, Southwest is in the middle of more controversy. A flight attendant from the company has seen her face all over the internet. The woman refused to let a couple onto their flight and the situation is all over the internet.

Southwest Airlines has always strived for the reputation of being friendly and affordable. However, there are exceptions to every rule. There are times when a business simply fails to live up to its reputation. In addition, there are times when the customers end up forcing a business’ hand. As a result, the business is forced to take action against even the paying customers.

An employee from Southwest Airlines is in this video that’s been shared millions of times. She is seen refusing to let a couple board their flight. While some have tried to make the situation controversial, there seems to be more to the story. The woman is clearly seen refusing to allow the couple to get on the plane. However, the people are saying the couple were drunk and acting disorderly.


Flight attendant refuses to let couple board the plane

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