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Steph Curry loses Lonnie Walker with the “Dream Shake” [VIDEO]

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Steph Curry loses Lonnie Walker with the “Dream Shake” [VIDEO]

Steph Curry loses Lonnie Walker with the Dream Shake

Stephen Curry started last night’s game in a familiar position. In front of the Golden State Warriors’ home crowd, Curry received his championship ring. This follows Curry doing the same in 2015, 2017, and 2018. On ring night, Steph Curry’s teams are 2-1, all-time. Tonight, the Warriors opened their season against the Los Angeles Lakers for the second straight year. Last summer, and this offseason, the Lakers have been all of the talk.

Stephen Curry and the Warriors are always in the conversation. Golden State gets talked about so much that they are overlooked. As a result, any team that can build momentum gets discussed. It also helps when that team is the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James is the leader. In 2020, the Lakers won the NBA championship in the bubble. LeBron James would win the NBA Finals MVP award, leading the Lakers to a 4-2 series victory over his former team, the Miami Heat.

Stephen Curry has his own history with LeBron James. When James played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, from 2015-2018, they went to the NBA Finals every year. Each year, they faced Curry’s Warriors, as Golden State won three of the four matchups. When LeBron joined the Lakers, fans hoped for more playoff battles, but the teams have not been good at the same time. Last night, Curry started the game by leaving Lonnie Walker with no defensive moves, as he hit him with Olajuwon’s “Dream Shake” for an early score.

Steph Curry loses Lonnie Walker with the Dream Shake

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