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Stephanie Santiago goes nude on Instagram [PHOTO]

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Stephanie Santiago goes nude on Instagram [PHOTO]

Stephanie Santiago 3A lot of focus is going to Stephanie Santiago, especially after her performance in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center. Urban modeling has always had its own niche audience and it’s like the demographic is going through a revival, of sorts. Definitely leading the pack is Stephanie Santiago.

Stephanie Santiago is in full “Bonita Applebum” mode, as she managed to take over when she did Barclays. Already, Stephanie Santiago was a leading lady on Instagram, but now all of this has multiplied. If a woman is one of the sexiest women in entertainment, she would have a right to show it off, right?

Known for stunting on Instagram, Stephanie Santiago decided to go and catch the attention of her followers, once again. For those who decided to sleep in this morning, she had a treat for them when they woke up. Stephanie Santiago went nude in her latest selfie pic.



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