He’s A BAAAAAAAD Man: Stephen A Smith Set To Become Highest Paid Talent In ESPN History with $10 Million Dollar Per Year Contract

Stephen A Smith to sign $10 million a year contract with ESPN

Longtime ESPN analyst, Stephen A. Smith, is set for a huge pay day.

According to multiple reports, Stephen A. Smith is “in line” to become the highest paid on-air talent in ESPN’s history. Currently, he has two years left on his contract with ESPN. His current salary is one of $5 million per year. With the upcoming new contract, it’s being speculated that Stephen A. Smith could see an increase to between $8 to $10 million per year. While negotiations between the two parties have not officially begun, insiders close and familiar to the situation have said that it’s more than a done deal already.

Stephen A. Smith is well liked by ESPN executives. His willingness to always be on air, across the company’s various shows and platforms has garnered him a very well deserved reputation and status. In addition, he’s amassed a large fan base. As a result, Stephen A. became one of the most prominent faces of ESPN. First, he hosts “First Take.” Second, he has his own daily radio show. In addition, he made guest appearances on multiple programs.

Since joining ESPN, Stephen A. Smith has become one of the most polarizing voices in sports media. His takes on sports, race, and socio-political dynamics has garnered both praise and vitriol.

Stephen A Smith to sign $10 million a year contract with ESPN

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