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Stephen Curry does tipoff against Victor Wembanyama in Warriors-Spurs preseason game [VIDEO]

Stephen Curry does tipoff against Victor Wembanyama

Stephen Curry was one of the least likely NBA superstars, but here he is an all-time great. The past two seasons have seen some people compare Curry’s star power to Michael Jordan. In addition, some are questioning if Curry has now surpassed Magic Johnson as the NBA’s greatest point guard of all-time. A lot of these debates have no true answer. However, like Magic, Steph has now done an NBA tipoff, facing off with Victor Wembanyama for the tip of tonight’s Warriors-Spurs preseason game.

Stephen Curry wasn’t a likely superstar, but Victor Wembanyama was. In many ways, he is a bigger and more versatile mix of Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo. However, at 7’4, everything Wemby does is bigger than life. While Steph was doing the tipoff against him, Wemby is handling the ball as if he’s Curry’s size. As a result, he is almost virtually un-guardable. Wembyanyama has two NBA all-time greats, in Tim Duncan and David Robinson mentoring him.

Stephen Curry, like the other all-time greats, is an entity of his own. While he only has one NBA Finals MVP award to his name, Curry has an argument to have been the MVP of all of his other title series, as well. In addition, changing a few mishaps in the 2016 and 2019 Finals gives the Warriors those titles. If those variables took place, there’d be a different debate. Alas, what happened, happened. As a result, the biggest NBA buzz tonight is Steph tipping off against Victor Wembanyama.

Stephen Curry does tipoff against Victor Wembanyama

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