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Tahiry Jose leaks texts from Joe Budden to Kaylin Garcia

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Tahiry Jose leaks texts from Joe Budden to Kaylin Garcia

Tahiry Jose 4By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Several men would love to know what Joe Budden’s secret is when it comes to hooking up with the women he gets. The ups and downs of the rap game are well documented and Joe Budden has gone through it before. Once upon a time, several rappers came after Joe Budden at once, he was unfazed, though, as Tahiry Jose was his woman.

Before the summer of 2009, Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden had broken up and she was already appearing in multiple music videos. All on her own, Tahiry Jose has turned herself into one of the biggest names in urban entertainment. Starring on VH1’s “Love & Hip hop,” Tahiry Jose is back in the orbit of her ex-boyfriend, Joe Budden, and it looks like old feelings have returned.

Kaylin Garcia is Joe Budden’s current girlfriend and she said she is not worried about him being back around Tahiry. As each episode goes by, it becomes clearer that there is still mutual interest from Tahiry and Joe Budden. Recently, Tahiry Jose uploaded texts from Joe Budden to her Instagram account and tagged Kaylin Garcia in them and said one of them is not on the same page.

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