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Teenage girl finds hidden camera in airplane bathroom [VIDEO]

Teenage girl finds hidden camera in airplane bathroom

Nowhere is truly safe, so people are always cautioned to keep their eyes open. Literally keeping eyes open helped a young woman, before she exposed herself. In addition, quick thinking allowed her to defuse a situation, before it even got out of hand. The young lady was on an American Airlines flight and she went to use the bathroom. Before she got ready for that, she noticed a hidden phone was recording.

Alongside her parents, the teenager was flying from Charlotte to Boston. They were flying first class and the trip was initially going well. However, things quickly went left, when the young woman had to go to the bathroom. Until that point, only one other person had even been inside the bathroom. That person was a male flight attendant. By the time the teenager had to go to the bathroom, there was a phone hidden, but recording.

When the teenager went to the first class bathroom on the American Airlines flight, she noticed something strange. As the plane was heading to Boston, from Charlotte, she noticed a phone was hidden, but saw a red light, which meant it was recording. After that, she came out and showed what she saw. As a result, the girl’s father confronted the male flight attendant, who was the only other person even inside the bathroom. Now, the FBI and Massachusetts State Department are investigating the situation.

Source: The Neighborhood Talk

Teenage girl finds hidden camera in airplane bathroom

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