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The Next Generation of St. Louis hip hop: Tef Poe

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The Next Generation of St. Louis hip hop: Tef Poe

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With such artists as Tef Poe representing the city, St. Louis cannot be overlooked for much longer. There is more energy in St. Louis than many other cities’ hip hop scenes. Along with such artists as Kenny Knox, Ruka Puff, and Skiddalz, Tef Poe is helping put St. Louis back on the map.

Tef Poe has released several mixtapes over the past few years. Among his recent releases include Power Over Everything, with Trackstar the DJ, and War Machine 2, with DJ Smallz and DJ Shure Fire. Over the course of his career, Tef Poe has worked with the likes of 1-20 and Killer Mike, along with many other big names.

St. Louis has many artists with the potential to rise to superstardom, Tef Poe is one of the many in the city making moves. Tef Poe has numerous hit singles to his name and many anthems. To give fans a sample of what Tef Poe is about, Hip Hop Vibe has one of the music videos from Tef Poe.

Watch “Coming Outta Missouri” below:

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