TIDAL partners, the artist co-owners, all earned $8.5 million, apiece, courtesy of Jay-Z’s sale to Jack Dorsey’s Square, Inc.

TIDAL partners 8.5 million apieceBy Jay Rich
Hip-HopVibe.com Staff Writer

Six years ago, Jay-Z purchased a streaming company, named Aspiro. The company, Aspiro, owned a streaming service, called TIDAL. An unknown service, TIDAL immediately saw an uptick in usership.

However, TIDAL was dealt a bad hand, with a ton of upheaval. Many of the artist partners expressed regret in joining the service. But, those kinks were worked out, as Jay sold interest in the company to Sprint.

Jay-Z would go onto sell majority ownership of TIDAL to Square, Inc., a company owned by Twitter owner, Jack Dorsey. The deal is worth $297 million and Jay-Z has received a lot of backlash over it. However, each of the artist partners, in TIDAL, earned $8.5 million, apiece.

Source: Glock Topickz

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