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Two women fight over a seat at the Chargers-Raiders game [VIDEO]

Two women fight over seat at Chargers-Raiders game

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Chargers hosted the Las Vegas Raiders, but that was a sidenote. In the end, the game resulted in a win for the Raiders. As they are building their season, this will help them with their goals. However, the game resulted in another match, where there was a winner and a loser. Because of a seat, there were a couple of women who got into a huge fight.

The Chargers originated in Los Angeles, but relocated to San Diego after their first season. From 1960 until 2015, they played there. However, the Chargers returned to Los Angeles in 2015. This coincided with the Rams also returning to Los Angeles. With LA going from no NFL teams to having two NFL teams, there’s a hierarchy. The Rams are LA’s good team, while the Chargers are in their shadow. This weekend, this was not the case, though.

This weekend, the Los Angeles Chargers got all of the attention on social media. During their home game against the Las Vegas Raiders, a fight broke out in the stands. Honestly, what was going on ended up capturing more attention than the game. For whatever reason, there were two women who got into it over their seats. That was odd, seeing how both women were seated, before they got into it. Regardless, these women ended up really getting into it.


Two women fight over seat at Chargers-Raiders game

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