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Tyga’s Ex-GF, Camaryn Swanson, Reveals Injuries From Alleged Assault Incident, After Being Asked to Come to Tyga’s Home [VIDEO]

Tyga looks like he is about to be in serious legal woes, after new abuse allegations, from his ex-girlfriend, Camaryn Swanson. The two originally began dating, earlier this year. They also confirmed their relationship, on Instagram, in the spring.

According to TMZ, Swanson showed up to Tyga’s home, at 3AM, on Sunday night. She “shouted at the top of her lungs,” after the rapper told her not to come over. Tyga and his family members believed that Swanson may have been intoxicated, but shw was still allowed inside the home.

Police reportedly stated that Tyga turned this argument into a physical altercation. Swanson’s mother soon arrived to pick her up, as that’s when police were called to the scene. Police filed a felony domestic violence report, as they saw “visible marks” on Swanson.

Tyga didn’t want to speak on Monday, to LAPD, but will do so, on Tuesday, in a meeting with them. Swanson has since posted a video, showing the alleged injuries from Tyga. Text messages were also posted, of Tyga telling her to come over, and that she hadn’t arrived unwanted.

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