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Usher has officially been announced as Super Bowl 2024 headliner

Usher has been announced as the Super Bowl 2024 headliner

Usher was recently announced as the headlining performer for the Super Bowl, in 2024. Over the course of twenty six years, he has proven to be a major force in the game. However, there was never a guarantee that Usher would become an icon. In 1993, he released his debut album, and it came and went. After that, he returned in 1997 with My Way, where he established himself as a star. Now, Usher is headlining the Super Bowl 2024 halftime show.

Usher established himself as a star, in the 1997-1998 period. However, during that time, there was a lot of competition where male R&B singers were concerned. Four years would pass before Usher released another album. But when Usher delivered 8701, he officially cemented himself as a superstar in the industry. That album provided the soundtrack for the 2001-2002 period. When he delivered Confessions, Usher surpassed all of his counterparts, and went to an iconic level.

Usher has dominated the music industry in four separate decades. In the 2000s and the 2010s, he was in his prime. However, even in the 2020s, Usher is seeing a resurgence in his music. Many of his recent releases have become hit records. A few years ago, some were rumbling that Usher’s run may be over, but that’s proven to be untrue. Now, the NFL has reached an agreement with him for him to headline the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show.

Source: Pop Crave

Usher has been announced as the Super Bowl 2024 headliner

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