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Wale interview with Al Lindstrom [VIDEO]

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Wale interview with Al Lindstrom [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Interscope Records scooped Wale up and he hoped to continue his history-making run, but instead he ran into a road block. The Washington, DC native was disappointed in how things turned out, the lack of promotion for his Attention Deficit album, which was met with positive reviews. Known for other forms of hip hop, many felt Wale was too lyrical to be a part of Interscope Records.

Regardless of what he was, Wale knew Interscope Records was not the right fit for him, so he had his management, Roc Nation, negotiate a deal to get him off the label. Wale took some time off, only doing collaborations in 2010. While taking time off, he went to Miami, the rapper’s paradise. In Miami, Wale met Rick Ross who immediately took a liking to him. Ross had a plan laid out and he wanted Wale to play a major part.

In November 2010, Rick Ross revealed he may sign Wale to Maybach Music. Fresh off a major run, many felt it was too soon for Rick Ross to put on his executive hat. Two months later, Rick Ross pushed forward, signing Wale to Maybach Music, followed by Meek Mill. From there, several labels lined up, in hopes of distributing the newly-formed powerhouse. Rick Ross ultimately decided to sign with Warner Bros. Records. From there, Wale proved Interscope Records made a blunder and turned himself into a household name, fully showing his versatility.

Wale reflected on this three-year journey with Al Lindstrom, along with speaking on other topics, as well.

Watch the entire interview below:

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