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Wale talks new Mayach Music deal and Roc Nation

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When he was working on his first album, Jay-Z announced Wale’s debut album was the first release under Roc Nation. It was soon revealed Roc Nation was handling all of the management for Wale. The album was released through Interscope Records.

Wale built his buzz up for most of 2010. His new lyrics spread all over the hip hop world. Still, 2010 was the year when Rick Ross dominated. While most people considered him as their favorite rapper, Ross’ favorite was Wale. Taking a page from Diddy’s book, Rick Ross said he may sign Wale.

Last month, Rick Ross said the deal was complete and Wale was signed to his Maybach Music label. Yesterday, Wale confirmed this deal, but there were still many questions. With Wale now signed to Maybach Music, what happened to his deal with Roc Nation and Interscope? There were also reports of Jay-Z attempting to sign the entire Maybach label to Roc Nation.

Wale recently clarified these rumors a bit. He has signed a new deal with Maybach Music and they will be his promotional label. While Maybach Music will be handling his promotion, Interscope Records will still handle his distribution. But, from the beginning, Roc Nation handled all of Wale’s business and they helped facilitate these deals. Even with the new labels involved, Wale said Roc Nation will still be handling all of his business.

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