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WC reflects on Ice Cube friendship and talks 2012 projects with

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WC reflects on Ice Cube friendship and talks 2012 projects with

By The Hip Hop Writer
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Recently, footage of WC and Ice Cube from July 4, 2011 in Germany, found its way to Hip Hop Vibe, via Illboyz, showcasing several of their performances. For those who do not know, WC is an integral part of the West Coast hip hop scene. While he never became a household name like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, WC has a long list of classic releases and is well-respected by the heavy-hitters in the rap game.

In 1996, however, WC’s career received a major boost when he joined forces with Ice Cube and Mack 10 to form the group, Westside Connection. The trio would release two albums, Back Down, and Terrorist Threats, with the latter receiving much publicity on BET and MTV. A few years ago, Westside Connection disbanded, but WC has continued to work with Ice Cube.

Currently, WC is still on the road with Ice Cube, performing a long list of hit records they put together over the past sixteen years. caught up with WC, as he was on the road, preparing for another performance with Ice Cube and DJ Crazy Toones. When asked if his chemistry with Ice Cube comes from the friendship, WC gave more credit to them both being students of the game, saying most current stars are not.

WC revealed he has had longstanding relationships with both DJ Crazy Toones and Ice Cube.  Speaking on DJ Crazy Toones, WC said he was a big brother to him. WC also revealed he was a very big kid, the size of the average junior high school student when he was in elementary school. When speaking on Ice Cube, WC said they have known each other since elementary school and they grew up together. WC said he and Ice Cube even played Pop Warner football together.

Growing up with Ice Cube, WC said the two engaged in several friendly rap battles. According to WC, Ice Cube would come over to his house and they would go into the garage and rap for hours. Going from rapping in a small garage to preparing to go perform in Switzerland, WC spoke on a new album from Ice Cube. Discussing Ice Cube’s album led to WC announcing his own new album will be in the works soon. The duo will be recording throughout the month of April, while performing in Australia.

While WC said many current hip hop stars are not students of the game, he did say he always shows love to Lil Wayne and his crew because of the respect they have always given to him. With the influx of new stars in the game, it is easy to forget stars of years past, such as WC. During the interview, WC addressed this, saying he would stop releasing new music when the fans made it clear they do not want anything else from him. In the meantime, WC is working on his next album, currently thinking of a title of the album.

The new album from WC will be released on his Big Swang label, but WC said he is still deciding who he will use for distribution on the new album. WC said he will likely turn to E1 Music for distribution again. Another artist on the Big Swang label WC says look out for his Maylay, who was featured on two songs from Ice Cube’s last album. While he is signed to WC’s label and has been featured on Ice Cube’s album, Maylay is likely best-known as the voice of ‘CJ’ on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Given the resurgence of the West Coast last year, WC is excited for all the new talent, often giving them pointers. Among WC’s favorite artists from the New West is Ice Cube’s son, OMG. With the positive vibe coming from the West Coast, WC has also made it clear he and fellow former member of Westside Connection, Mack 10, have no beef, embracing him during an interview. Offering advice to all the up-and-comers, WC told them to never let anyone tell them what they can and cannot do.

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