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Wiz Khalifa talks Kanye West’s “Theraflu/Way too Cold” with Funkmaster Flex

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Wiz Khalifa talks Kanye West’s “Theraflu/Way too Cold” with Funkmaster Flex

By The Hip Hop Writer
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With Amber Rose in common, hip hop media has been trying to create some sort of rivalry between Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West. During last year’s Coachella set, Kanye West subliminally dissed Amber Rose, who appeared during Wiz Khalifa’s set. There were rumors of Wiz Khalifa approaching Kanye West after his “blonde dyke” line, which was proven to be false.

The topic has remained a hot one in the year which has followed. Every time Wiz Khalifa is asked about his relationship with Amber Rose, Kanye West is mentioned. Amber Rose can never avoid the questions about the rappers in her life. Kanye West has remained silent about the situation until recently when he addressed the Amber/Wiz situation and Kim Kardashian on his “Theraflu” single, later renamed “Way too Cold.”

Last night, Funkmaster Flex interviewed Wiz Khalifa and asked him about Kanye West mentioning him on his new single. Funkmaster Flex asked Wiz Khalifa if he was shocked when he heard his name on the track and Wiz Khalifa said he was. When Funk questioned why, Wiz said it was because no one ever mentioned him before and he took it as a positive thing, since he had never met Kanye in person before.

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