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Wiz Khalifa teams up with Flat Fitty for new headwear line

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Wiz Khalifa teams up with Flat Fitty for new headwear line

Wiz Khalifa 2By The Hip Hop Writer
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It has been clear with every move that he makes that Wiz Khalifa is not just another rapper, he is a businessman. When labels first began showing interest in Wiz Khalifa, he turned them down because they were not the right fit. Looking for a label that would create space for Taylor Gang, Wiz Khalifa did not settle.

Music-wise, Wiz Khalifa is months removed from O.N.I.F.C., his sophomore album. Now, the Taylor Gang leader is working on his third studio album. Indeed, things are very busy for Wiz Khalifa, as he is also juggling fatherhood. Able to handle it all, Wiz Khalifa has gotten a little more busy.

Recently, Wiz Khalifa joined forces with Flat Fitty to design several custom caps. This headwear line will be available later this year. In the meantime, Wiz Khalifa is gearing up for the preview of the upcoming partnership. Coming up in August, Wiz Khalifa will preview the hats in Las Vegas at MAGIC Market Week.

Flat Fitty CEO, Christian “Tian” Waters, issued a statement about the new deal with Wiz Khalifa.

Read the statement from Christian “Tian” Waters below:

“Having someone of Wiz’s caliber recognize the quality of Flat Fitty means a great deal to our team,” explains Flat Fitty CEO Christian ‘Tian’ Waters. “We work hard to consistently design and produce headwear that is of the highest standard achievable. Wiz’s desire to position his line with the most esteemed retailers is aligned with our brand’s mission statement of ‘Just Better.’ Wiz is one of the most business-minded young tastemakers out there, and Flat Fitty is truly excited about this partnership.”

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