Woman calls a man a misogynist, but doesn’t even know what the word means [VIDEO]

Woman calls man a misogynist but doesn’t know what it means

There are definite gender battles going on between men and women. Obviously, there are countless instances where men have mistreated women. However, this TikTok situation was not one of them. A man was doing TikTok interviews, when he encountered two women. When he pulled them into interviews, one of the women called him a misogynist. But when the man asked what made him misogynistic, they could not answer the question.

With information literally being in people’s pocket and at their fingertips, people are often speaking on things they don’t really understand. However, people will research a topic on the internet and watch people on YouTube talk about it. After that, they take what they learned and incorporate that into general conversation. As a result, there are a lot of people going around talking about things they really know nothing about.

Recently, a man was conducting interviews, and he wanted the opinion of women. The man ended up encountering two women who tried to give him a challenge. Instead, they ended up being the reason the video went viral. One of the women told the man he was a misogynist. After that, the man asked the woman what made him misogynistic. The woman consulted the other woman and they Googled the word’s meaning, but failed to answer his question.


Woman calls man a misogynist but doesn’t know what it means

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