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Woman reveals Drake slid in her DMs and shared them on social media [PHOTO]

Woman exposes Drake sliding in her DMs and shares it online

Early in Drake’s career, people talked about how gullible he was with women. However, over time, he has become smarter with how he handles his business. Not only has Drake had high profile relationships, but also, he’s had high profile beef. Through all of this, he’s managed to keep making chart-topping hit singles. But, a woman caught Drake slipping, and she exposed him hitting her DMs, and she shared it on social media.

Drake was often criticized for being “sweet,” or “soft,” early in his career. Things changed when Meek Mill dissed Drake. Despite the two being friends, they engaged in a high profile beef. When Drake won the beef, the situation helped to give people a different idea of who he is as an artist. After that, he dropped a major hit single that took over. By 2016, Drake was officially on an unprecedented run on top of the game.

This morning, a woman took to social media, and she ended up exposing Drake. The woman was pointing out how she is still attractive, despite being bigger. She went onto use Drake as an example, as she pointed out that he DM-ed her. So, to show the evidence, she actually shared the messages that Drake was sending her in the DMs. During their conversation, Drake asked her what city she was in, which was Houston, where he often roams.


Woman exposes Drake sliding in her DMs and shares it online

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