Woman falls face first onto her sidewalk, from the front door of her home [VIDEO]

Woman falls face first from her doorstep to the sidewalk

Accidents happen all of the time and it’s easy for a person to lose their balance. Despite it being such a common thing that can happen, it’s always so funny. Well, it’s funny to everyone except for the person that actually lost their balance. One woman’s home security caught her slipping, literally. The woman was leaving her home, with a man, and she missed her step. As a result, she fell flat on her face.

People falling seems to always make people laugh. Such shows as “America’s Funniest Home Videos” have become ratings successes, due to featuring videos of people falling. As a result, videos like these tend to always get a lot of traction online. Most people who lose their balance will laugh it off. However, there are others that don’t find it to be a laughing matter.

This afternoon, a video began circulating the internet. The video showed a woman and a man who were leaving out of their home. Their home security camera picked up the whole ordeal. As the woman was leaving the house and closing the door, she missed her step. Not only was she leaving, but also, she had her hands full of bags. When she fell, she landed face first on the concrete.


Woman falls face first from her doorstep to the sidewalk

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