Old woman goes viral for wearing braids like Nicki Minaj [PHOTO]

Woman goes viral for wearing braids like Nicki Minaj

The influence Nicki Minaj has had on the world cannot be denied. In fourteen years, Nicki went from being a mixtape rapper to being a global icon. Also, she has the kind of fan base that most celebrities could only dream of. After all, who else could inspire a White woman, of this age, to come out of her house looking like this? A woman was rocking the blonde and pink Nicki Minaj braids.

Some styles are so influential that people don’t even know where they come from. However, that doesn’t matter, as they see someone with it, so they do it. As a result, the originator of these various styles sees how far their influence reaches. With Nicki Minaj, she is out here inspiring hair and fashion choices of people who may have not even heard of her.

This older woman at the airport has the undivided attention of the internet. She’s out here with her hair looking like some of Nicki Minaj’s most iconic looks. Many people have had quite a bit to say about her and her looks. With 2023 being the celebration of hip hop’s 50th anniversary, this woman is evidence that Nicki Minaj is one of the greatest to ever do it.

Woman goes viral for wearing braids like Nicki Minaj

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