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Woman has insanely hilarious reaction to eating the most sour candy in the world [VIDEO]

Woman has a fit after eating sourest candy on Earth

Content creators are having the time of their lives, as the partner programs are proving to be lucrative for some. However, there are people posting almost anything in an effort to be seen. It used to just be about attention. But now, getting seen means an opportunity for a bigger payday from these social platforms. One woman showed herself on TikTok eating what’s described as the most sour candy to exist in this world. After eating it, her reaction was something hard to put into words.

Since the beginning of videos being added to social media, people have put themselves up to all kinds of challenges. Some of the challenges end up also being embraced by celebrities. However, most of them go viral because of regular people doing them. In addition, their reactions to those situations also end up creating viral moments. None of these reactions hold a candle to this woman’s reaction to eating that sour candy.

First, the woman introduced her TikTok following to the candy. Second, she gave a description of what the candy looks like. The woman described the candy as looking like pavement with glass stuck in it. After that, she ate the candy, despite giving it such a terrible description. One piece of the candy made her act like she had a condition. Then, she said it felt like a metal rod was in the back of her throat. After that, she had another piece.


Woman has a fit after eating sourest candy on Earth

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