Woman playing golf distracts the world with her large back side [VIDEO]

Woman playing golf distracts the world with large back side

The world of golf is interesting, for various reasons, and many people love the game. Golf is the kind of laidback sport that almost anybody could play. However, the complexity of the rules make it hard for the average person to actually succeed at the sport. Still, golf is a great pastime and a great way for a person to exercise. When the woman in the above photo was playing, nobody was thinking about that. The only thought was her in those pants.

For the most part, when people think of golf, they think of men playing it. Of course, during the 1990s, the sport actually gained traction. During this time, there were younger golfers putting the sport on the map. In addition, professional athletes from other sports were playing the game. Now, there are numerous NBA players who also have a passion for golf. Some of them are good at it, while others are not. Again, this woman would take the focus away from all of them.

There is a woman whose video has spread all over the internet, playing golf. The woman had the right form, when it came to the golfing. In addition, she had the right form when it came to getting attention. As a result, her video has been shared more because of her shape than for her skill, when it comes to playing golf. Regardless, she had an incredible shot, but that’s not the part that the average viewer is actually checking out.


Woman playing golf distracts the world with large back side

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