Woman rubs her pet cat’s head with a wet toothbrush [VIDEO]

Woman rubs her pet cat’s head with a wet toothbrush

Along with dogs, cats hold a special place in the hearts of many humans. As a result, most pet owners have either a dog or a cat. Some even manage having both animals in their homes. Even though dogs and cats are naturally enemies, many get along well in the same household. However, when it comes to an animal’s loyalty, most say dogs are the most loyal. Cats, meanwhile, are the more selfish of the two. One woman learned a trick for cats, as she rubbed her pet’s head with a wettened toothbrush.

Cats are among the most interesting animals in the world. First of all, they share 95% of their genomes with tigers. This means that, although being much smaller, cats more or less behave the same way that a tiger would. In addition, cats have an eyesight range that puts almost every other mammal to shame. Also, they are among the most stealthiest creatures on Earth. Despite this, cats survive much longer under the care of humans, as opposed to being out in the wild.

It’s no secret that cats love to be pampered, but one woman says there’s a science to it. A cat owner shared a video of her petting her cat. Instead of simply rubbing the cat on the head with her hand, she had a toothbrush. The brush was wettened and, as she rubbed, the cat had a very relaxed look on its face that was calming. According to the woman, petting the cat in that way reminds them of being cleaned by their mother.


Woman rubs her pet cat’s head with a wet toothbrush

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