Wu-Tang Clan Launches New Merch Store, Directly Run by Wu-Tang Productions

If Time Is Money, Wu-Tang Clan is going to have much more of it thanks to their new merch store. Powered by Shopify and designed by Crooked Youth, the centralized main dot com and e-commerce store will house all Wu-Tang Clan related information as well as limited edition items. Run by Wu-Tang Productions, this is a true artist to fan direct to consumer platform and will allow their team to own, operate the site independently and connect with fans in a whole new way.

On the new merch store, Torrie Anderson, Director of Music Publishing at Wu-Tang Productions says “For the past few years we’ve been licensing out the logo, which has been great, but it’s nice to have full creative control again. It feels like the brand is finally home”.

“The iconic Wu-Tang brand has a history of making bold moves with their direct to fan experiences.” comments Steph Mirsky, Co-Founder of Crooked Youth. “We appreciate the trust given to us, to be able to have led the Creative Direction for the site and bring that flair the group is known for to their store-front.” adds Crooked Youth Co-Founder Alex Lira.

Founded by Steph Mirsky and Alex Lira, Crooked Youth specializes in improving Shopify e-commerce solutions for music & entertainment industry clients. The team has spent over a decade working in various segments of entertainment including record labels, merch companies, festivals and live events.

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